Model wears luxe rib knit crop tee with cap sleeves. Plunging v-neckline, reinforced hems, bust support. Soft knitwear, viral outfit, clean vibe, cool girl aesthetic, city, 2023 fashion, figure flattering, celebrity style

Earth Capsule

Fashionable not Disposable - timeless staples made to last, made for you.

Warm, forgiving and ever full of life, our Earth Capsule presents staples that make a statement.
Inspired by the beauty and complexity derived from the natural world - we have centred this drop around Earth's

Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate the hues of our environment while preserving our
signature styles you know and love.

We are focused on creating trans-seasonal fashion that transcends trend.
To grow into tomorrow, you must consider what you bring into today.

Wear with care - your future needs you.

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Our slowly-made signature pieces celebrate the body in every thread.

Trends come and go, but Staples are forever.