Staple & Hue

Est - 2017 - An ode to all that is...

Envisioned in Australia & Revered Worldwide.

Pioneering the industry of staple fashion is creator, not follower, Sera Bagnall, Director and Designer of Staple and Hue.

Understated with an effortlessly flattering fit, Staple and Hue bring to life luxury basics that stylishly champions the contours and curves of the female form.

Boasting a diverse range of warm and neutral tones, the brand is renowned for designing high-end, wardrobe-must haves - wanted by all, worn by few.

Crafting for the conscious consumer, Staple and Hue uphold a vision that refuses trend and mass-production - establishing the tagline - Wear with care, your future needs you.

Staple and Hue create streetscape garments for society's fashion frontrunners - people who unapologetically celebrate themselves with aesthetic freedom and cultural expression.

Our slowly-made signature pieces celebrate the body in every thread - trends come and go, but staples are forever.

Our Vision

Fashion can only thrive inside universal compassion.We are inspiriting global dignity by providing safe and accessible necessities to undeveloped, war-torn, marginalised and oppressed communities worldwide.

The Staple Project operates and engages all advocation for human dignity within consideration, education, participation, including collaboration alongside activists, informed leaders and not-for-profit organisations.

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Wear with care.
Your future needs you.
Wear with care.
Your future needs you.
Wear with care.
Your future needs you.

Staple Core (STAPLE)

We are exclusively inclusive, celebrating consciously made clothing that makes you feel exceptionally yourself.


Staple Luxe (& HUE)

We are bringing quintessential luxury to the fore, via an expanded range of signature fabrications, limited capsules and ethical priorities.

Quality design remains constant across all collections, yet our latest brand extension attains a new calibre of creation.

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